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Hessam Abrishami was born in Shiraz, Iran, in 1951.  He was greatly influenced by the ancient history surrounding him in his childhood.  Seeking freedom from the limitations imposed on contemporary Iranian society, Hessam left his home country to expand his knowledge and awareness of the outside, changing world.  His quest for artistic excellence took him to Italy where he began his higher education at the Academia di Belle Arti Pietro Vanucci in Perugia, Italy. 

Hessam Abrishami is a master of vibrant colors, dynamic composition, and powerful expression. He has been professionally contributing to the contemporary art scene for more than forty years. Today, Hessam has countless private collectors worldwide and has exhibited in over 100 One-Man Gallery Shows, over 25 International Exhibitions and multiple Museums exhibits. Some include Museum of Contemporary Arts in Tehran, Museum of Arts and Sciences of Daytona Beach, and Museum of Contemporary Art of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Hessam's oeuvre has become much more than a grand collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures.  It has become a legacy.

Hessam Abrishami in front "Society" A masterpiece arwork

STATEMENT (In Reference to Hessam’s Black & White Series)

“Most of my life's work has been devoted to trying to bring joy and happiness to the world through my art.  But I cannot in good consciousness ignore the fact that there is also tyranny and injustice in our world.  Many of my images are protests against the cruelties imposed on so many people so unjustly. These images are my cry of pain.”

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